In financial trouble? We can help.

STOP Garnishments

STOP Foreclosures

STOP Repossessions

STOP the harassing phone calls

A bankruptcy solution may be right for you! A part of our constitution, our bankruptcy system is based upon principles the founders of our country pulled from the Holy Bible.

Types of Bankruptcy

Chapter 13

Achapter 13 is designed for working folks who need a payment plan to bring their debts current and pay them off over time.

It stops all creditor action and prevents foreclosures, garnishments, repossessions and phone calls.


Chapter 7

Often called a “full bankruptcy” or “fresh start”, a chapter 7 erases the debt and allows you to start over.

You can keep your financed items like a home or car, so long as you are up to date on your payments, the creditors agree, and your equity in those items are not more than the state-allowed exemptions.