With Donald Trump having been elected to the Presidency, most immigrants are greatly concerned over what the future holds for them. Many fear the new president will



There is good reason for this concern. During the campaign, President-elect Trump made it clear that he was going to do something about the immigration, and none of it was to benefit those immigrants who are here without documentation.

However, one thing is clear. Some of his positions he held during the campaign are slowly being softened, and right now, no one knows what he will do, maybe not even he himself.

Here is what his position statement says concerning immigration:

— Cancel every unconstitutional executive action (Could it include DACA?)
— Cancel all funding to sanctuary cities
— Begin removing the more than two million criminal illegal immigrants (only those who have committed crimes)
— Funding the building of the wall along the border with Mexico
— Creating a federal crime to illegally re-enter the U.S. after a previous deportation

Those are the main features that affect the community of undocumented immigrants here in this country. There is nothing in his plan to deport people just because they are illegal. So, the one who should be of great concern are those who have committed crimes and those who have already been deported previously. Whether the DACA program will be eliminated is yet to be seen.

However, remember that nothing happens quickly. Although eliminating the DACA program could be completed using Executive Action, the rest of the plan requires either court action or congressional law-makings. Neither of these will happen quickly.

For now, it is most important to not be driving under the influence or committing crimes, as these will remain high priorities.

If however, you have a pathway to get a green card or citizenship, now is the time to act. If you are Married to a citizen who wants to sponsor you, it is important to call and meet with me to act on this solution for you.

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