In an opinion article in a San Francisco newspaper, syndicated columnist Dana Milbank described one group’s more extreme methods of bringing awareness to immigration issues facing many in our country.

Immigration activists have staged a fast on the Washington Mall and have been there for four weeks.  Expected to end soon, the group has invited Harry Reid to visit them and discuss immigration reform legislation.

There is an off-again, on-again round of discussion concerning immigration in the Republican-controlled House, with most of the focus still on the Affordable Care Act.  The Democratic-controlled Senate, as well as the administration, are now talking up immigration reform, but so far it appears to be only lip-service to get the attention off the embarrassing other issues.

Will there be immigration reform?  Undoubtedly, but I do not look for that to happen in the first half of 2014.  It is difficult to anticipate what will take place as we approach election time.  The wise immigrant will continue to watch closely and pay attention to executive action as well, as I think there will be more opportunities coming in that venue that may give some good opportunities to obtain lawful status.

Meanwhile, we expect increasingly-active groups like Fast4Families to keep the pressure on for reform legislation.

If you’d like to learn more about Fast4Families and their work on behalf of immigration awareness you can visit their website here – – or get in touch with us at Ken Lawson Law and find out how we can become your Immigration Champion!