Those are the words on a sign being held by an immigrant student, as reported in a CBS News article by Senior Correspondent, Jake Miller.

The article reported a Pew Research Center poll finding that 55% to 35% of immigrants are more concerned over deportations than a path to citizenship.  Likely this is due to this administration thus far deporting more immigrants than any previous administration.  Almost 2 million immigrants have been deported in the last 5 years.

With the administration publicly backing immigration reform, indeed even leading it, one must wonder at the legitimacy of his support when it takes the lead in deportations.  2013 has seen a 10% reduction in deportations, however, so the next few months will show whether this trend will continue down to the former administration levels.

Meanwhile, with little reliance on this administration, pressure is being applied to both houses of congress to take up and pass immigration reform legislation.

We will continue to watch progress in this important area, so keep watching for our analysis of current events here at Ken Lawson Law.